We love data. We love tagging it, visualizing it, analyzing it. And that's why we have developed tools in the areas of data tagging, visualization and analytics. We can process, understand and analyze documents in Microsoft Office, PDF or XML formats.

We are heavily invested in Cloud Computing and Big Data. Our tools are used in corporate and regulatory compliance, health analytics, enterprise content management and data warehousing.

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We have successfully licensed our data tagging and analytics technology to many of our partners. Here we showcase two such products. More information about these products can be found in our partners’ websites referenced in the Partners Section.

Our Partners


We have partnered with Apurba to develop our flagship product DCAF: Disclosure, Collaboration and Filing system. In recent years, Apurba has developed specialized technology to support EDGAR filings that has helped SEC Connect revolutionize user-driven hosted solutions. Apurba's commitment to cutting-edge technology development enabled DCAF to offer its users unparalleled dependence and ease of use.

- Daniel W. Rumsey, JD. Founder and President, SEC Connect, LLC

We have developed a partnership with Apurba that will help us create and maintain proprietary software tools that ease the burden of financial reporting, Apurba has an extensive background in developing software for SEC filings, and we have leveraged the company's expertise to create a suite of tools that will help the small and medium size filing agents remain competitive in an XBRL world.

- Andrew Danneffel, , Chief Technology Officer, Compliance Xpressware

Apurba's engineers have worked in close collaboration with mobBazaar's development and architecture team on an innovative state of the art mobile application that has enabled it to complete the complex consumer product in a very short time. Apurba also has a wide variety of talents in house that make it easy to work with them.

- Alak Deb,, CEO, Mobbazaar Inc.


AGC Surety Connection Project at CSU Chico

University Based Collaboration to Promote Open Standards and Interoperability

Beyond Corporate Financials

A collaboration effort led by CSU Chico Alumnus K. Dixon Wright and XBRL expert Fuad Rahman to establish a formal XBRL Extension for Construction Energy and Transportation.

Imagine being able to send (or import) a Company Profile, Financial Statement or Work in Progress Report as easy as a Microsoft Outlook address file. Its is just a data set, and with FASB guidance the data sets can be defined, mapped to XBRL and universally adopted, just like an address file.

Imagine the cost savings of a common questionnaire that a contractor can easily maintain and upload to any number of systems, public and private, to apply to a surety, bank or government program, or to prequalify with prime contractors.

Imagine the cost savings of a contractor being able to download and import bid information that can easily be forwarded to their surety broker to generate bond approvals and electronic bonds without errors, or excess processing costs to their surety broker.

Imagine the underwriting flexibility a surety can offer when provided real time performance measurement that allows monitoring of the credit exposure.

Imagine no more, and join us in establishing the XBRL Extension – Construction Energy Transportation and help us demonstrate how XBRL is making this goal a reality.

Open Data

Apurba has submitted a project to Open Data By Design Contest with tittle Construction Performance Measurement Dashboard using XBRL Extension Construction Energy Transportation (XBRL-CET)

More detail

Short Video on XBRL-CET

Apurba's CEO discusses the proposed XBRL-CET Taxonomy for the Construction, Energy and Transportation sectors.

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Based in Sunnyvale, California Apurba Technologies Inc, was founded by a group of technology veterans who have been working in the cutting edge of software development in the Silicon valley for many years.

Our software is smart and lean, our interfaces are uncluttered and simple. We are experts in agile software development. Our software is mostly developed on open source technologies that is platform-agnostic. We run on the cloud. We run on your cell phones. We run behind your firewall. We are ubiquitous.

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