We have partnered with Apurba to develop our flagship product DCAF: Disclosure, Collaboration and Filing system. In recent years, Apurba has developed specialized technology to support EDGAR filings that has helped SEC Connect revolutionize user-driven hosted solutions. Apurba's commitment to cutting-edge technology development enabled DCAF to offer its users unparalleled dependence and ease of use. - Daniel W. Rumsey, JD. Founder and President, SEC Connect, LLC

Apurba has two divisions that work together that work closely, Technology Licensing and Professional Services. In Technology Licensing, Apurba licenses already developed technologies and work with our clients - either in an IP share or licensing model. In Professional Services, Apurba works with clients to build customized solutions solving challenging problems in a direct consulting model - in a 'fixed cost' or 'time and materials' or 'day rate' model.

Technology Licensing

Apurba has developed core technologies in the areas of cloud computing, electronic document processing, workflow solutions, data warehousing, data mining and game development. We specialize in partnering with companies that are trying to solve challenging problems in these areas. We are your ideal technology partner for rapid prototyping. As an IP based company, we are in the business of IP sharing and licensing of our core technology.

Professional Services

Apurba specializes in providing highly skilled technical consultation to our clients. Our strong technology base allows us to provide customized solutions meeting the needs of specific project requirements. We aim to provide smart, customizable and scalable solutions. With strong roots in 'open source' and 'traditional' client-server development, cutting edge mobile and design experience, we can provide complete end-to-end system architecture and development solutions.