Building a Big-Data Analytics Platform for Healthcare Data

Fuad Rahman ; Marvin J. Slepian
Aug 20, 2016 - AABEA Biennial Conference


We are at a point where data collection and storage have become cheap, fast and overwhelming, especially in the healthcare sector. Contrary to other industries such as Financial or Retail, healthcare data has always been poorly understood because of the way data is collected and stored and essentially siloed into largely unrelated fragments. But the potential for applying Big-Data analytics to such data is enormous. Although attempts have made recently for building such systems, they are mostly unplanned: stitched from various unrelated technologies and almost always ad hoc. Often these attempts have been very focused on solving a specific problem, making the task of adopting these to other problems very difficult. More specifically, there has been no concerted attempt made to build such a Big-Data platform for healthcare data. In this paper, we discuss building a generic Big-Data platform that can be adopted for various healthcare applications with relative ease.

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