Lyticas Prism is an XML / XBRL data visualization app that runs virtually on any platform or devices. It’s HTML5 interface can be used on any browser on any device - iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, Linux - on any OS. Lyticas Prism is also available as a native iOS app.

Main features of Prism

  • Look at a snapshot of a company
  • Look at financial and non-financial data
  • Dynamically create many types of graphs and perform analytics

  •  Data Analytics

    Analyze your enterprise data with our amazingly simple and intuitive, drag and drop application. Lyticas Prism handles huge amount of data quickly, reliably in a secure environment. Data mining has never been so easy. Lyticas Prism allows enterprise data analytics at your fingertips.

     Powerful Interface

    Visualize the big picture with drag and drop technology. Lyticas Prism in-built user interface delivers powerful graphics worth a thousand words. Seamless yet effective. Powerful yet simple. You can use Lyticas Prism on your ipad, Android tablet, laptop or desktop.

     Online Analysis

    Gain insights from your enterprise data. Analyze KPIs and trends. Forecasts, clustering and sequential patterns is now accessible to you quickly on your tablet or laptop. You can write your board or management report on the go with Lyticas Prism

     Easy to Use

    Complicated software takes time to learn and use. Our software provides an interface that is fast and intuitive.

     Mobile Application

    Our software is available wherever you go! We fully support iPad and Android devices, as well as your laptop and desktop computer.

     Safe and Secure

    Our software engineering teams have gained their expertise in IT security in the most demanding of industry sectors; this is reflected in Lyticas Prism.

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