FujoSoft LLC and Apurba Technologies Inc. form Strategic Partnership

Added on Aug 8th, 2011
SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug 8th, 20, 2011 - FujoSoft LLC, a Santa Clara, CA, based mobile software company that makes games primarily for the iPhone and iPad platforms, and Apurba Technologies Inc., a Sunnyvale, CA, based software development company that creates software with simple, intuitive user interfaces based on cutting-edge technologies, today announced that they have formed a strategic partnership to build applications for the Android platform.

Under this partnership, FujoSoft will be venturing into building games for the Android market.

FujoSoft has already built and marketed dozens of games in the iPhone and iPad platform including popular games such as iBlowFish, Get Ravan! and iWallpaper & Retina Background. "We have developed a partnership with Apurba that will help us venture into the Android market with exciting games," said Himanshu Jolly, Chief Operating Officer of FujoSoft. "Apurba has a long track record in developing games for the mobile platforms, and we will exploit the company's expertise to replicate our success in the iPhone/iPad platform to the Android platform."

"FujoSoft is in the leading edge of game development," said Mohammad Almamun, VP of business development for Apurba Technologies Inc. "We are happy that FujoSoft has chosen us to be their partner into this exciting new venture. Together, we will build exciting new games for the Android platform."

About FujoSoft LLC

Fujosoft creates smart Apps in the mobile space. FujoSoft's vision is to become a premier mobile Apps developer. The company strives to bring the best of the mobile Apps, be it fun games, or serious productivity tools. Based in Santa Clara, California, FujoSoft was formed by experienced mobile software technologists and user interface designers, dedicated to building fun games for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.

About Apurba Technologies Inc.

Apurba Technologies Inc. is a Silicon Valley based software development company that specializes in building software - specifically in regulatory compliance, data mining, large data analytics, mobile enterprise and mobile app development spaces. Apurba is a member of XBRL US.
For more information, please visit http://www.apurbatech.com.