Apurba signs contract with SEC Connect LLP to develop a Do-It-Yourself SEC EDGAR filing tool

Added on April 18th, 2011
SUNNYVALE, Calif., Apr 18th, 2011 - Apurba Technologies Inc., a Sunnyvale, CA, based software development company that specializes in financial software development, today announced that they will develop a Do-It-Yourself SEC EDGAR filing tool for SEC Connect LLP., a San Diego based filing services company.

"We have partnered with Apurba to develop our flagship product DCAF: Disclosure, Collaboration and Filing system", said Daniel W. Rumsey, JD, Founder and President of SEC Connect, LLC. "In recent years, Apurba has developed specialized technology to support EDGAR filings that has helped SEC Connect revolutionize user-driven hosted solutions. Apurba's commitment to cutting-edge technology development enabled DCAF to offer its users unparalleled dependence and ease of use."

"DCAF is an easy to use web-based filing platform that supports the filing of the most commonly filed documents under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, including Form 8-K, Form 3, Form 4 and Form 5," said Mohammad Almamun, VP of business development for Apurba Technologies Inc. "DCAF is a web-based filing platform that will revolutionize the way law firms, public companies, reporting persons and others involved in the reporting process file documents with the SEC".

To learn more about SEC Connect LLP, please visit http://www.secconnect.com/. For more information on Apurba Technologies Inc., please visit http://www.apurbatech.com.

About SEC Connect LLC

SEC Connect LLP is a full service financial filing agent founded by Daniel W. Rumsey, a former attorney with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's Division of Corporation Finance. SEC Connect's flagship product, DCAF (Disclosure, Collaboration and Filing System) is a web-based filing platform. For more information, please visit http://www.secconnect.com/.

About Apurba Technologies Inc.

Apurba Technologies Inc. is a Silicon Valley based software development company that specializes in building software - specifically in regulatory compliance, data mining, large data analytics, mobile enterprise and mobile app development spaces. Apurba is a member of XBRL US.
For more information, please visit http://www.apurbatech.com.