Apurba signs contract with Bazari Inc. to develop an SMS based CRM tool targeted towards Micro Finance Institutes (MFIs)

Added on Oct 8th, 2010
SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct 8th, 2010 - Apurba Technologies Inc., a Sunnyvale, CA, based software development company, today announced that they will develop an SMS based CRM tool targeted towards Micro Finance Institutes (MFIs) for Bazaari Inc., an CA Utah mobile software company that makes socially responsible apps for developing countries.

"Apurba will work on Bazari's SMS text-based CRM platform that integrates features enabling Micro Finance Institutes to optimize their operational efficiency", said Jagjit Srawan, Director of Product Development at Bazari. "This includes an SMS based interface to a CRM and ability to access or run queries on databases from the field by field-reps".

"Bazari's SMS based interface features are customizable for each client, tailoring each product to their customer's existing technological infrastructure, and unique operational needs," said Mohammad Almamun, VP of business development for Apurba Technologies Inc. "Apurba is also glad to be able to market and sell Bazari's products in a major third world country in the Indian sub-continent, for which it was granted exclusive rights."

About Bazari Inc.

About Bazari Inc. Bazari is a US based company that specializes in SMS interfaces to CRM, ERP and Accounting/Financial systems, with products mobilizing prosperity across three continents.

About Apurba Technologies Inc.

Apurba Technologies Inc. is a Silicon Valley based software development company that specializes in building software - specifically in regulatory compliance, data mining, large data analytics, mobile enterprise and mobile app development spaces. Apurba is a member of XBRL US.
For more information, please visit http://www.apurbatech.com.