Apurba launches Troothing: A social network to share experiences on any product or service

Added on April 4th, 2014
SUNNYVALE, Calif., Apr 4th, 2014 – Apurba Technologies Inc., a Sunnyvale, CA, based software development company that provides innovative software solutions, quality development and consultancy services to its clients around the globe, announced today that they have developed an open and free social media network called Troothing for Globalhood Corporation.

Troothing is an open and free social media network providing an environment for anyone to present their experiences about a product or a service. Anyone can read and provide their feedback by rating and providing comments about experiences. The network of users coupled with their experiences and ratings can become a vehicle to improve people's lives, products and services.

"Troothing is a great place for those who are passionate about the truth in aspects of their lives and would like to share it with others," said Mohammad Almamun, VP of business development for Apurba Technologies Inc. "Apurba is glad to be able to develop this social network that will hopefully be a huge success."

About Globalhood

Globalhood is a service provider company to allow top level executives a private platform to reach multiple cross category contacts all over the world in an effort to promote their own or seek new products, share ideas, photos and confidential information as well as reduce travel, shipping and printing costs through live streaming with virtual showrooms and boardrooms.

About Apurba Technologies Inc.

Apurba Technologies Inc. is a Silicon Valley based software development company that specializes in building software - specifically in regulatory compliance, data mining, large data analytics, mobile enterprise and mobile app development spaces. Apurba is a member of XBRL US.
For more information, please visit http://www.apurbatech.com.