Apurba wins project to build a “Smart Room” for doctor patient interaction

14th March 2017
SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 14th, 2016 – Apurba wins a project to build a ‘Smart Room’ to collect and analyze multi-modal doctor-patient interaction data within a Big-Data analytics system.

In modern healthcare systems, data is disjointed and disparate, making key factors in caring for the patient difficult to find and correlate, resulting in additional procedures, additional hospital visits, and additional costs for both the patient and healthcare organizations. This approach will solve this problem by building a system that can collect and simultaneously process multi-modal healthcare data, such as audio (e.g. speech, tone, sentiment), movement (e.g. gait), video (e.g. face recognition, pain estimate, sentiment analysis) and derived signals (e.g. speech-to-text natural language analysis), within the same capture and processing framework. This will revolutionize the way healthcare information is analyzed and will open up a new set of tools that can effectively comprehend complex inter-dependent medical data to derive actionable intelligence.

Apurba Technologies Inc. is a Sunnyvale, CA, based software development company that creates enterprise data solutions for data processing, visualization and analytics.