Fuad Rahman, Ph.D., Founder and CEO

Fuad Rahman, Ph.D., is an entrepreneur with extensive background in building companies in the area of software technology.

He is the Founder and CEO of Apurba Technologies Inc., a technology based software IP Company. Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, USA, Apurba has now branch offices in Bangladesh and Malaysia. Apurba specializes in building software - specifically in regulatory compliance, data mining, large data analytics, mobile enterprise and mobile app development spaces.

As an IP based company, Apurba holds significant stakes in multiple companies, some of which are Newsfile Corp. (a Vancouver, Canada based SEC EDGAR filing company), SEC Connect LLC (a San Diego, USA based SEC EDGAR filing company) and Compliance Xpressware LLP (a Washington, USA based software company that builds SEC filing software).

Fuad was a member of the Domain Steering Committee of the XBRL.US for a 2 year term between 2013-2014 that oversees the development of taxonomies to meet the business reporting needs of key markets in the United States. In the area of regulatory compliance, this is a singular honor - because this puts him in a very select group of industry leaders in the US and the world.

Before founding Apurba, Fuad was the Vice President of Product Development at KnewCo, a leader in semantics based knowledge discovery and In-Text advertising solutions. Before that, Fuad worked as the Research Team Lead at QuickSchools Inc., a leading innovator of cloud-based agile SaaS development platforms, where he was responsible for creating the product vision, identifying critical priorities and establishing a customer-facing platform for its rapidly growing product set. Prior to that, he was a Research Lead / Product Manager at BCL Technologies Inc., where he led the R&D team, successfully wrote and won grants from US Army, Navy and Air Force on topics related to NLP, information retrieval, text mining and summarization. He has also served as an Algorithm Lead at Handisplay Inc., leading cutting-edge research projects focusing on core algorithm development that has commercial applications in document layout analysis, web page analysis, web page clustering and semantic clustering of free format natural language. Early in his career, he designed algorithms for mapping web page content to cell phone browsers at WiredPocket Inc. as a Research Engineer.

Fuad has published widely in the scientific journals. His published body of work comprises of over 80 technical peer reviewed articles in the scientific literature including 6 book chapters and 24 journal papers. He has worked on the editorial boards of technical journals, acted as referee to many journals and worked as technical committee member in many international conferences.

Fuad is an accomplished public speaker. He has made numerous presentations not only to technical peer-reviewed conferences on core and applied research, but also to trade shows showcasing software - connecting to crosssectional audience. He also worked on multiple defense projects and presented his work to US Navy, Army and Air Force, visiting a lot of US military facilities.

Fuad has a Ph.D. in Ubiquitous Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition from England.